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Join our own bi sister Torrey Mercer's video shoot!

The moving, vulnerable "Boys/Girls" by Torrey Mercer (now on Spotify!) could just become the next bi+ anthem... and we can make the difference in whether it does. From the artist:

"For this video, we want to feature as many REAL bi+ people as possible, across all genders, races, and walks of life. We are looking for anyone who is attracted to multiple genders and wants to be a part of the video to take profile photos to represent bisexuality in a visible way, and create an epic bisexual dance party for the video!! It is of course preferred that you are attracted to many genders, but if you are an actor in another letter of the LGBTQ community who wants to be a part of it, we would love to have you!!"

The shoot will take place at the Bi Loft downtown next Saturday, Aug. 18th. Facebook event here: 


InVISIBLE storytelling workshops with Kai Hazelwood

Topic: Bi+ romance. "Tell the trials and triumphs of dating and partnership while Bi+." 

Important: This particular date coincides with Torrey Mercer's shoot, above, but there will be two more after it, and we want everyone to know about these community-wide events so they can decide for themselves. Here is the Facebook event, which directs to Eventbrite: https://www.facebook.com/events/442921879451791/